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Live Performance Tutorials

Performing live (techno, ambient, experimental, and sound art) is my favourite thing and I am excited to share what I have learned with you. Whether you are using modular synths, samplers, drum machine, stand-alone synths or all of the above, my YouTube Channel and Patreon pages will help you learn how to make the most of your gear in a live setting. Posts range from idea on how to build a live set that works for the space and audience and concepts to keep in mind when performing. I also cover more practical questions like choosing gear, audio/MIDI routing, mixing for live performance, packing, setup, and soundcheck tips. I also explore some performance techniques for intros & outros, transitions, and engaging with the crowd. On my Patreon I share even more like templates for set planning, packing and soundcheck checklists, and samples and recordings of my live performances. At the Brilliance tier, you also get a monthly 1:1 Zoom call to talk through your own live sets and make sure you can make the most of your artistic vision and share that with the world. Check it out on YT and Patreon.

Image by Alexander Shatov
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