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Sound Art

The world of sound art is sometimes far removed from techno but provides a new and different way of engaging with sound and performance. drusnoise plays with the concepts of sonfication of data, disclosure, feedback, and interaction with the natural world. Keen to merge themes of sustainability with sound art in today’s eco-challenging climate, drusnoise builds sound art performances from a plethora of natural sources.

Dust (Work in progress)


New composition as part of Artistic Research in Residence at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics in Graz, Austria. Piece built around air pollution data, field recordings, and granular synthesis. Public performance in November/December 2023, date/venue TBD.


Collaborative live sonic lecture with Anja Metelmann,  Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and the Institute for Quantum Materials and Technologies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Performed live with modular synths, samplers, contact microphones interpreting quantum concepts through sound.

Berlin Science Week

Can you hear the Earth breathing?

‘Can you hear the Earth breathing?’ brings to life sustainability cycles and the natural (and un-natural) systems that lie beneath the production and absorption of carbon dioxide.

Seated Movement

This piece explores the concepts of acoustical space, movement, and architecture through stationary, yet moving, field recording. The piece follows my travels from Berlin to Amsterdam over the course of a single day – 16.06.2022.

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