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The ecosystem surrounding techno and electronic music is made up of many inter-connected parts. Clubs, festivals, producers, DJs, performers, audiences, manufacturers, labels, promotors, distributors, online platforms. And all have the chance to be sustainable. Or not. Explore these different dimensions of sustainability in electronic music.

Liebig12, 13-14.10.2023 is two days of workshops for artists on connecting sustainability to their sound and music practice. And two evenings of live electronic performances showcasing different approaches to bringing sustainability to life.

Workshops and performances by Eira, Katharina Bévand, Felipe Vareschi, JacqNoise, drusnoise & Erbse

Sustainability in the Electronic Music Ecosystem

Berlin Dance Music Event, May 2022

Sustainability is (or can be) embedded in every part of the electronic music ecosystem. This panel explores questions like how do artists and audiences get to gigs? How do clubs and venues think about electricity and water usage? About waste and recycling? What kind of materials go into synthesizers, mixers, and all of the gear that producers, DJs, and live performers use and the decorations at venues? How are justice elements of sustainability like gender balance in artist lineups addressed? Can sustainability themes be embedded into the music? And what is our role as individuals that are part of this industry? Join in for an hour long  discussion of these themes and more!

Panel Participants: Ruxandra Popescu (TravelPerk | Cabana Libre), Camille Guitteau (Bye Bye Plastic Foundation), Steve Williams (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies | drusnoise)

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